Visitor appreciation

The following email was sent to me via this website.

A contact from the Downland website
Dear Reverend, Churchwardens and P.C.C. The Church of the Transfigeration, Pyecombe I felt compelled to send you a message of thanks. On Saturday 10th. March 2018 I walked part of the South Downs Way with the intention of reaching Devils Dyke. I was travelling with my two sons. The weather was fairly appalling with mist and rain. After a couple of hours we were cold and wet through. We were about to walk past the church, when my oldest son felt the compulsion to enter. He said it was instinct. We entered the lovely historic building and found the kitchen with the invitation to make ourselves a hot drink. It was most welcome. We took off our wet jackets, made a cup of tea and rested, whilst taking in the peaceful atmosphere. Your church has a unique quality, it is more than just an ancient place of worship. It has a spiritual atmosphere that made us talk deeply about our faith and beliefs. I have never had such an intense conversation with my sons before about God, the ‘meaning of life’, and our purpose here on earth. Feeling refreshed, not just physically we left with a lovely feeling of inner calm, but not before making a ‘contribution ‘ in the wall safe of course! Thank you so much for your hospitality, and faith and trust in the honesty of passing travellers and visitors. I will never forget the experience, and hope to repeat it next time I put on my walking boots.