Message from Caroline and Alan

We would like to thank all the friends from these villages and beyond for the fantastic farewell concert and party held at Poynings on 3rd September.
It was an incredible send off which involved so much work on the part of lots of people, and reduced us to tears (of sadness and laughter alternately) and will see us through these next tedious weeks of packing. Thank you too for all the cards and gifts. The past 8 years that we have shared with you here have been a very special time for us, so we want to thank you not just for the farewell but for all that has gone before. The warmth we have met in these villages has been incredible, and leaving is very hard. We will miss you all.
Our thanks go as well to Poynings Parish Council for nominating us for a Community Service Award, which we will receive on 17th September (whilst others in Poynings are squeezing apples!) It is an amazing honour, and very humbling for us to have been nominated.
It will take us til the end of the month to leave the Rectory, so don’t be surprised to see one or other of us frantically loading the dustbins or driving to the tip prior to going!
In order to get the job done, we are keeping a very low profile, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you all!
Thank you again for everything.

Caroline and Alan Currer

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